Ready for a crash course in building strong community connections? Come to OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp. 

Both Bootcamps are SOLD OUT. contact Lauren Benetua to be added to the waitlist.

Want to open your organization to your community? At this hands-on training, you’ll learn the theory and practice of how to do so–and how to make your organization more relevant, vibrant, valued, and sustainable along the way. Get inspired. Get new tools. Get ready to involve your community on a deeper level.


Both Bootcamps are SOLD OUT. Contact Lauren Benetua to be added to the waitlist.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek - the National Library of the Netherlands in the Hague. The Library is a global leader and our partner in producing this bootcamp. The Hague is a city on the western coast and the seat of government of the Netherlands. It has many monuments, historic districts and is located near the beautiful North Sea coastline. The Hague is an easy 30 minute train ride from Schipol airport or an hour train from Amsterdam.



$2,500 USD or approximately €2,225 per team of 2-5 people. We encourage you to build a team of staff from different departments or areas of work to participate in the bootcamp. Trustees and volunteers are also welcome.

What is OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp?

OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp is a fun, fast-paced two-day training that introduces you to new methods for becoming representative of your community, co-created by your community, and welcoming for your community. This two-day intensive provides tools to help you:

  • Articulate goals for community participation at your organization.

  • Select and commit to a specific new community you want to involve.

  • Map out that community’s assets and needs and how they align with your goals.

  • Develop compelling, powerful participatory offers and promises for that new community.

  • Sketch out a plan to become representative of, co-created by, and welcoming for that new community.

  • Measure success in involving new communities.

  • Set a goal to involve specific communities in building a stronger and more resilient future.

  • Get inspired, laugh out loud, and share honest lessons from the messy, joyful world of community participation.

At the end of Bootcamp, we invite all teams to make a pledge to involve a specific community in the months to come. Teams are invited to consider continuing their OF/BY/FOR ALL journey in the Change Network, a supportive online program offering tools, community, and accountability to help you fulfill your pledge.

Wow! Thank you for leading the movement and breaking this down into a tangible, doable, yet flexible structure that can be scaled and customized. The vision is powerful and the path is clear!

Bootcamp Instructors

OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp is led by CEO Nina Simon and Community Catalyst Lauren Benetua. Nina and Lauren have led community involvement efforts in museums, cultural centers, arts centers, and community centers, and they have worked closely with librarians, park rangers, theater managers, and civic leaders to adapt their techniques in diverse settings.

To get a better sense of the content and how it applies to you, you can watch lead instructor Nina Simon’s keynote about OF/BY/FOR ALL from the 2018 MuseumNext conference in London. Nina is the author of The Art of Relevance and The Participatory Museum, and she led the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History through a dramatic turnaround via community participation with Lauren’s help. Lauren is a seasoned cultural leader and community activist, working at the front line of creativity and social change.

Partnership with Koninklijke Bibliotheek

After pilot bootcamps in the US in 2018, the OF/BY/FOR ALL team is now forming strategic partnerships to offer bootcamps in different parts of the world with mission-aligned organizations.

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We are pleased to partner with the National Library of the Netherlands on this Bootcamp. The Koninklijke Bibliotheek is a national institution with social interests, which is keen to make a real impact on society. Furthermore, its position in the Hague is symbolic of the international goals of OF/BY/FOR ALL. The Hague is an international city in the fields of peace and justice - and also in libraries. Many international organizations active in the field of libraries, information and knowledge such as IFLA, EBLIDA, LIBER, Europeana are based in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. In the Hague, new concepts and services for citizens worldwide are developed and distributed. We are honored to bring OF/BY/FOR ALL - a new movement with global ambitions for inclusive change - to the Hague and to Koninklijke Bibliotheek with this partnership.

Build your Team and Register Now

Both Bootcamps are SOLD OUT. contact Lauren Benetua to be added to the waitlist.

This bootcamp is open to teams of 2-5 individuals from public-serving organizations of any size. Your team may include staff, volunteers, trustees, and/or partners. We ask you to attend in teams because you’ll be most effective at leading change if you have colleagues alongside you.

We anticipate welcoming 10-25 teams from organizations around the world at this bootcamp, with no more than 100 participants in total. We expect this bootcamp to sell out, so we encourage you to register now.

The fee to register is $2500 USD (or approximately €2,225 EUR) per team. Teams can be anywhere from 2-5 people, and you can designate the participating individuals later if needed.


Lauren Benetua would be happy to help you with any questions about registration or content.
Erik Boekesteijn can help with any questions about the library and facilities.

Book Your Accommodations For Camp

Travel and hotel costs are NOT included in the registration fee.

If you’re traveling to bootcamp, discounted accommodations are available at the Ibis Hotel. Be sure to select Ibis Den Haag City Centre from the destination drop-down menu and then follow the instructions on the form.