Ready for a crash course in building a strong community organization? Come to Bootcamp. 


2018 Bootcamps are complete. We are currently planning for 2019; if you are interested in attending or hosting a bootcamp, please email Lauren Benetua.

Want to open your organization to your community? At this hands-on training, you’ll learn the theory and practice of how to do so–and how to make your organization more relevant, vibrant, valued, and sustainable along the way. Get inspired. Get new tools. Open it up.

This bootcamp is led by the OF/BY/FOR ALL team and rooted in lessons learned from hundreds of participatory projects at the MAH and around the world.

Very intense, very useful. THANK YOU!!

Come to this two-day bootcamp to:

  • Articulate your goals for community participation at your organization.

  • Map your community’s assets and needs and how they align with your goals.

  • Get a crash course in social capital theory and ways of measuring community participation.

  • Develop compelling, powerful participatory offers and promises for your prospective partners.

  • Gain new community participation tools you can take home and adapt to your organization.

  • Connect with diverse colleagues who can help you as you continue your journey.

  • Get inspired, laugh out loud, and share honest lessons from the messy, joyful world of community participation.

Not just for museum people.

This bootcamp is designed for working professionals seeking to implement community participation in your organization or program. While we use some examples from the MAH, this bootcamp is not museum-centric. We have welcomed campers from libraries, refugee centers, national parks, zoos, and many diverse community, civic, and cultural sites.

Wow! Thank you for leading the movement and breaking this down into a tangible, doable, yet flexible structure that can be scaled and customized. The vision is powerful and the path is clear!