We are thrilled you are renewing your Change Network membership! Before we get started, we need a little bit more information about your organization and team champion. You’ll receive payment instructions after this step.

When you register, you are signing up for a year-long inclusive change-making journey. By completing this registration form, you are committing to the following:

  • Our organization will participate in a year-long program to make inclusive change (with opportunities to renew/continue).

  • We have a strategic reason for participating in this program.

  • Our organizational leader and/or board of trustees endorses our participation in this program.

  • Our organization will build a cross-departmental team to drive this work, spending 1-2 hours per person per week on inclusive change efforts.

  • Our organization will designate a team champion to lead the team, spending 3-8 hours per week.

  • We are ready to openly and honestly learn, grow, share, and connect with other members of the Change Network community around the world.

  • We understand that this program is still evolving and that we will be asked to provide occasional feedback and input to make it better.

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If the answer to this question is "yes," your organization will receive an additional 50% off and the discount will be reflected during the check out process. To select "yes," at least one of the following must be true: the organization is located in the global South; at least half (50%) of the Board of Directors are people of color or indigenous (POCI); the executive Director/President of organization is a POCI; or at least half (50%) of executive staff excluding the Director are POCI.