We’re building the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network with a First Wave of 20 diverse organizations.

We’re prototyping with organizations of different sizes, sectors, locations, and perspectives. The First Wave includes organizations with budgets from under $100,000 to over $5,000,000. Half of these organizations are led by people of color or indigenous people. All of us are on the path to community involvement and are eager to go deeper together.

The First Wave is:

Thank you to all who have applied for the OF/BY/FOR ALL First Wave program!

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Starting in October 2018, First Wave organizations will set goals for community involvement, try out new ways of working, and collect data about the outcomes of these efforts. The First Wave program will last for six months, and we will ask research participants to collect data for another six months after that. 

The First Wave is a six-month prototype of the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network. This program will:

  • Challenge you to set a specific goal for deepening community involvement

  • Offer suggested activities and coaching to help you reach your goal

  • Connect you with smart, dedicated people at other organizations who are striving towards similar goals

Together with the First Wave, we’ll learn which tools and activities are most meaningful and valuable towards the goal of greater community involvement. We’ll also explore whether there are any significant differences in impact for different types of organizations. We will use First Wave insights to build a strong Change Network for thousands of future organizational participants.

How did you select organizations for the First Wave?

We held an open, competitive application process in the summer of 2018. We selected First Wave members the way a coach recruits a team or a casting director casts actors. We sought organizations with strong applications that represented specific types—so we can ensure that the First Wave reflects the full diversity of organizations we hope to involve in the Change Network. This diversity is crucial for us to do good research on the effectiveness of the program.

We'll update everyone on the OF/BY/FOR ALL email list as we are ready to take on additional organizations. Our intention is to build this to scale. We plan to open up a full-scale version of the change network to everyone and anyone by 2020.