We want to make it as easy as possible for your organization to become of, by, & for your community.


We're building OF/BY/FOR ALL as a two-part project:

  1. A global movement of passionate and curious people who want to make cultural and civic organizations of, by, and for all

  2. A change network of committed organizations that are working actively to become more of, by, and for their specific communities

To support both of these pieces, we're building tools and resources that will help you explore the possibilities, build organizational will, and take action to change. 

This project is based on successful transformations here at the MAH and at partner organizations around the world. We've lived it, we've trained others on it, and now we want to help you to do it too. 

Here's what we're building...

As an individual, you can:

  1. Join the movement by signing up for our email list.

  2. Take the 5-minute assessment of your organization. It's a free, easy way to learn more about your current community engagement.

  3. Register for an upcoming OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp. Learn more about these two-day intensive trainings. We are planning now for 2019 dates.

  4. Advocate for deeper participation at your organization. If you want to catalyze change in your community, you need buy-in and support from leaders to make it happen.

As an organization, you will soon be able to:

  1. Join the change network as an organizational member (currently prototyping with our First Wave research program). We will help you define your community and set organizational targets related to OF, BY, and/or FOR work.

  2. Commit to a set of specific behaviors to adopt or change. We will help you develop an igniting and appropriate plan based on your stated goals.

  3. Measure your progress, and share what you learn. We are building a supportive community of diverse organizations around the world to embark on this change journey together.

In 2018, we are developing this full set of offerings and recruiting a first wave of 20 international organizations. We'll work with these organizations in 2018-19 to refine the tools and help transform their community impact. We plan to publicly launch these tools for anyone and everyone by 2020.