When your organization is of, by, and for your community, your community will be more involved and invested in your work.

Achieving this impact means making change--and we want to help. In each area, you can adopt specific practices that lead to the outcomes you seek. We're building tools now to help you adopt these strategies and track your results.



  • Staff are more reflective of community
  • Trustees are more reflective of community
  • Partners are more reflective of community
  • Content is more reflective of community

OF strategies

  • Adopt more inclusive hiring and board recruitment practices
  • Expand partner recruitment sources and methods
  • Update onboarding and retention strategies 
  • Change criteria and processes for content acquisition and curation


BY outcomes

  • More community partners
  • More programming co-created by community members
  • More opportunities for community members to have influence
  • More activities conceptualized, developed, led, and/or hosted by community members

BY strategies

  • Create more structures for community input
  • Create more pathways to collaboration and co-creation
  • Share authority for decision-making and program development
  • Cede authority more easily and more frequently to community partners


For outcomes 

  • More participants
  • Participants are more reflective of community
  • More community members perceive value of organization
  • More local funding and political support

For strategies 

  • Add more welcoming amenities for target communities
  • Change program formats and content to engage target communities
  • Change marketing and messaging
  • Create more community-responsive program development processes