Note to Organizational Leaders about the First Wave

We are delighted to invite your organization to submit a full application for the OFBYFOR ALL First Wave. This is a prestigious, one-time opportunity for your organization to:

  • articulate and hone goals to become of, by, and for your community
  • adopt proven strategies to achieve your goals
  • receive free, expert consultation from global leaders
  • learn and grow with like-minded organizations around the world
  • become a founding member of a rapidly-growing global movement

The First Wave is the first version of OFBYFOR ALL Change Network - a program to help public-serving organizations become OF, BY, and FOR their communities. The members of the First Wave will be part of the research and development of the Change Network. Your input and feedback will help us build a full-scale version of the Change Network to share with hundreds of organizations in the future.

The First Wave is a one-time only research program to help develop the OFBYFOR ALL Change Network. Here are three things to consider as you evaluate the opportunity to participate in the First Wave:

Your organization will receive a free, 6-month intensive organizational development program.

You will receive personalized support to help you reach your goals for community involvement. The First Wave will experience this program--valued at $30,000--for free. You will only cover costs for your team to travel to one in-person event in January 2019 in California. In lieu of monetary payment, we are asking you to make a serious commitment to the process. You will need to commit a team of 3-5 people to explore new ways of working over 6 months, with a subsequent 6 months of continued data collection. This team--which includes staff and board members--will devote 1-4 hours per week to advance your organizational goals for community involvement.

Your organization will be Celebrated as a founding member of this program.

Your organization will receive global promotion and PR about your growth and participation in OFBYFOR ALL. We will tell the world about your leadership as innovators in community involvement. As OFBYFOR ALL grows, your status as a "founding member" will excite and energize other leaders around the world.

Your organization will help steer the future of this program.

The First Wave is a research program. This is not a fixed organizational development program. It is an experiment that will grow and change with your input. We will ask you to share your experience honestly and openly. We will reach out to team members and to organizational leaders from time to time over the research year to get your feedback.


Like many of you, we run a community institution. We know first-hand how challenging it can be to build an organization that is truly OF, BY, and FOR our community... and how powerful the results can be. Using the OFBYFOR ALL approach, we took our museum from the brink of closure to stunning success. We dramatically increased attendance, budget, and community impact. We diversified our visitors, donors, partners, and team. Our board and staff are proud of the work we do every day to be of, by, and for our community.

We want this kind of success for your organization too. We are excited about your potential to contribute to the First Wave, and we hope you'll complete an application. If you want to know more, check out the FAQ. And please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.