What We Learned in the First Week of Launch

It has been an exhilarating, exhausting launch week for OF/BY/FOR ALL. We're amazed by your enthusiastic response, participation, and sharing of this new initiative. I wanted to take a moment today to share a bit of what you've taught us this week and where we plan to go next.

This week, thanks to you:

  • 2,250 people in 40 countries visited this website

  • 236 people in 16 countries and 45 US states tried the OFBYFOR ALL self-assessment

  • OFBYFOR ALL was shared in three languages across social media, with over 1,100,000 impressions on twitter and instagram

Right now, we are focused on our first OFBYFOR ALL tool: the self-assessment. Many of you have given us good feedback (thank you!!) on the assessment and how we can make it better.

Here are four big things we're learning about the self-assessment:

1. The majority of organizations are starting out with a low OF/BY/FOR ALL score. More than half of the scores reported thus far are between 5 and 10 (out of a possible 25). Only 2% of organizations thus far have scores above 18. Here's the distribution of scores so far:


This is not surprising; many of us are just getting started with this work. We encourage you to TAKE HEART and feel good about your score. It takes courage to mark your starting line. Everyone starts somewhere--and a low score now means great opportunities for growth. You CAN do this work. You are part of a community of professionals who also have room to grow. We are hard at work on tools to help you get moving.

2. Most of you are interested in getting involved with the OF/BY/FOR ALL change network. That's awesome! We are building this network over the next 12 months and can't wait to include you. Soon, we'll recruit a small group of organizations to participate in a research-intensive "first wave" of the change network. These organizations will be the first to test out the program and help us improve it to make it ready to scale. We are finalizing the first wave application process now. We will post specifics here by June 7.

3. Many of you never finished the assessment. So far, 75% of people who started the assessment didn't complete it and therefore didn't receive their report. We're not sure what's causing people to stop, and we'd love to make it easier for you to get to the finish line. If you tried the assessment and stopped before hitting submit, please shoot us an email or leave a comment here and let us know why. It will help us make it better, so the tool can be of, by, and for all of us.

4. A few of you have concerns about confidentiality. About 5% of folks who took the assessment felt uncomfortable sharing your name. First--to be clear--we are not sharing your assessment report with anyone but you. But we'd also like to understand why some of you are nervous about this. Is it because you're just testing the waters and don't like sharing personal data? Or are you fearful of some form of retribution or organizational accountability if your name is linked to your assessment? If you have some specific input to help us understand and address this concern, please send us an email. (We won't share it.)

If you haven't taken the assessment yet, I hope you'll try it. If you have, I hope you'll spread the word and encourage others to do so. This initiative will be strongest with all our voices engaged.

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