Building a Brand for OF/BY/FOR ALL


When we started the branding process for OF/BY/FOR ALL, we knew we had a bunch of challenges ahead. We were building a brand for something new and evolving. The project is global, involving people who speak different languages and have different cultural associations. And it's about big ideas - of inclusion, action, and organizational change - that don't map to concrete images. We wanted to avoid the cliched hands linked in a circle. But we didn't know what to do.

We took this list of challenges to Cosmic, a design agency that builds brands for social benefit organizations. They created a logo that reflects the core idea behind OF/BY/FOR ALL: a network of organizations making change together.

To us, the icon at the center of this logo represents a hive of activity. Many organizations. Many actions. This logo reflects our interlocking efforts to build a more inclusive world.


We found ways to make the logo itself inclusive, too. The logo (and this website) uses an open font called Work Sans, which makes it easy to view and share in different languages. We added slashes between the words OF, BY, and FOR, based on readability recommendations from global advisors.

We're excited about this logo and what it means for this project. This logo reflects our commitment to building a network. We are ready to help this hive grow and buzz with your energy and involvement. We look forward to working together to deepen our commitments to being of, by, and for all.

And - to kick that off - we asked Cosmic to design a very simple, interactive poster that you can use to express your desire for YOUR organization or industry to become OF/BY/FOR ALL. You can download and print out this poster below and fill in the blank yourself. Snap a picture, tag it #ofbyforall, and we'll try to feature it on our Twitter or Instagram accounts soon.