Try the free, confidential OF/BY/FOR ALL organizational self-assessment.

It will help you identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses in being OF, BY, and FOR your community. After you complete it, we will email you a brief customized report with your OF/BY/FOR ALL score. We will not share it with anyone but you (though we'd love it if you choose to share it with colleagues).

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A few notes to help if you get stuck:

  • When in doubt, guess.

  • We use the term "patrons" and "audience" to mean the people in the public who are using your programs, services, events, and offerings.

  • If you don't manage a facility directly, you can answer some questions by thinking about the places where you most commonly present events or activities.

  • If you work for an organization within a parent organization (like a library branch), pick one to focus on. You can always go back and do the assessment again for the other one if desired.


More information about this tool

This is the very first public version of the assessment. It will get better based on your feedback. In the future, we look forward to providing you with pathways to OFBYFOR ALL certification, tools to store your data and track your progress over time, and anonymized benchmarks by organizational sector and size. Sign up for our email list to find out first about new features and tools. 

We will not share or sell your contact information with anyone. We may anonymize responses to share aggregate benchmarks and insights, but we will not share organization-specific data.


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