Our goal is to help 200 organizations welcome new partners and participants by 2020.

Find out how well your organization embodies OF, BY, & FOR outcomes and practices, and how your work can grow.


Do you want your organization to matter more to more people?

OF/BY/FOR ALL is a movement, a community, and a set of tools to make your organization stronger.

When diverse people feel like community organizations are:

  • OF their interests,

  • created BY their friends and neighbors,

  • FOR their use and enjoyment,

they get involved and invested. 

We used OF/BY/FOR ALL thinking in Santa Cruz to transform a struggling museum into a vibrant community center. Museums, libraries, art centers, parks, and community institutions around the world have used the same principles to become more valued, relevant, and sustainable.

Now, we want to share these principles and tools with you.

Our goal is to spark a global movement of civic and cultural organizations becoming OF, BY, & FOR their communities. We invite you to join the OF/BY/FOR ALL movement and help us build a more inclusive future for everyone.

OF/BY/FOR ALL will strengthen your community and your organization. Join us.

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