Join us for an Upcoming OF/BY/FOR ALL Event

We made a strategic decision at the beginning of OF/BY/FOR ALL to put as much of our program as possible online. We’re working with organizations of all sizes, all over the world. We want to center our work in a platform where everyone can contribute and connect. So we’re putting most of our energy into building the Change Network - an online platform featuring tools, coaching, and a community of practice - to help diverse organizations become of, by, and for their own local communities.

Even as we build online, we know that in-person events are powerful community builders as well. We’re still figuring out the extent to which we are able to participate in conferences by offering keynotes, workshops, and panels. We’re still figuring out how many OF/BY/FOR ALL 2-day bootcamps to offer, and in what cities. We're balancing the desire to share and learn in person with our laser focus on building a strong, effective online community to accelerate inclusive change.

We’re excited to share this calendar of upcoming events. You’ll notice that these events are in diverse sectors and parts of the world. In 2019, I’m prioritizing events where I can learn about the challenges different sectors face in becoming of, by, and for their communities. I’ve got a good sense of it in museums and libraries, but much less understanding in parks, theaters, orchestras, and public radio stations. We believe these types of organizations can become more relevant and resilient through the OF/BY/FOR ALL program... IF the program speaks to their particular strengths and challenges.

You’ll also notice we're offering two bootcamps this October in partnership with the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague. The first one sold out immediately. So we opened up a second one - October 14-15 - and your team can register now. OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp is an intense two-day course that guides you to sketch out a plan for deep community involvement. All Bootcamp participants attend in teams of 2-5 people, and all teams will have the option to join the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network after Bootcamp if desired. If you are interested in the October 14-15 Bootcamp, I encourage you to register soon; we expect it to sell out quickly. And if you have any questions about it, my colleague Lauren Benetua is happy to help.

This Bootcamp partnership with the National Library of the Netherlands is an experiment for us. We’re interested in trying out this model with other partner venues in other parts of the world. If you are interested in hosting an OF/BY/FOR ALL Bootcamp, let me know and I’m happy to discuss a partnership with you.

We don't know exactly how many events we'll grow to participate in and host in the coming years. But we know we want to figure it out in partnership with you. We'll keep experimenting, seeking the highest-impact ways to equip civic and cultural organizations to become of, by, and for all. In person. Online. Everywhere.

Celebrating in-person connections with Change Network members at the AAM annual meeting.

Celebrating in-person connections with Change Network members at the AAM annual meeting.