FOR organizations create meaningful experiences for their communities.

If you want to expand and diversify who your organization is FOR, you need to find ways to matter more to more people. Does your whole community show up, and are they fully engaged? Do diverse community members feel that your offerings are FOR them?

FOR work often starts with acknowledging who is not (yet) in the room. Once you can honestly identify the barriers that exclude some people from participating, you can start dismantling them--turning implicit "keep out" signs into "welcome" signs.

There are many concrete ways to expand and diversify your participants. It starts with setting a baseline and a goal: naming the audience composition you have and where you want to go. Then, you can make your organization and its programs more welcoming to new target audiences. You can develop practices to offer value on their terms as well as yours. OF and BY practices are often key to FOR success. When your programs are FOR your diverse community, you'll matter more to more people.