Five Strategic Reasons to Join the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network

We’re excited that you are considering participating in the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network. As part of this program, you’ll get:

  • tangible training and resources on how to build authentic, sustainable community partnerships

  • coaching from experienced cultural leaders and community organizers

  • frameworks and tools you can use again and again to strengthen your work

  • connections with colleagues in forward-thinking organizations around the world dedicated to building inclusive, thriving institutions

Our 38 First and Second Wave organizations have all experienced significant internal growth and external partnership development through their experiences. Here are five different ways Change Network members are talking about the benefits of participation that may resonate in your community.

Why participate in OF/BY/FOR ALL?

  1. To deepen community impact. OF/BY/FOR ALL can help you attract and meaningfully involve new communities. If you are hoping to expand and/or diversify the people who participate in your programs, collaborate with you on projects, donate funds, and join your board and staff, this program can help you do that in a structured and proven way. You bring your own “why.” We’ll help you define the “who” and “how.”

  2. To advance goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion. OF/BY/FOR ALL is an effective and efficient way to jumpstart efforts to become a more diverse, inclusive, equitable institution. Participating in the Change Network program is comparable to working with an experienced consultant to set goals, try new ways of working, increase accountability, and move forward. If you’ve considered hiring a strategic planning consultant or hosting trainings on diversity and inclusion, this may be an affordable and energizing way to accomplish those goals.

  3. To provide professional development. OF/BY/FOR ALL provides your team with access to high-quality, affordable professional development. Any and all members of your staff, board, and volunteers can use the OF/BY/FOR ALL tools and online courses to strengthen your work. Considering the costs involved in sending individuals to conferences or trainings, OF/BY/FOR ALL may be a low-cost alternative that enables you to involve more of your team in professional development activities.

  4. To develop new, community-centered ways of working. OF/BY/FOR ALL doesn’t mean more work; it means working differently. Participating organizations tell us that this training is fundamentally changing how staff members enter into new community partnerships and projects. This work is sustainable and valuable in the long-term, even if you decide to leave the Change Network after the first six months.

  5. To become part of something big, bold, and global. As early members of the Change Network, your organization will be part of a prestigious, global community of innovative organizations. We will be celebrating your involvement and sharing your successes with funders and others in your field as we give keynote addresses, build OF/BY/FOR ALL’s online presence, and grow the movement.

Like many of you, we have run a community institution. We know first-hand how challenging it can be to build an organization that is truly OF, BY, and FOR our community... and how powerful the results can be. Using the OF/BY/FOR ALL approach in Santa Cruz, we took our museum from the brink of closure to stunning success. We dramatically increased attendance, budget, and community impact. We diversified our visitors, donors, partners, and team. Our board and staff are proud of the work we do every day to be of, by, and for our community.

We want this kind of success for your organization too. We are excited about your potential to contribute to the Change Network, and we hope you'll join us.