Let's build a more inclusive future together.


We are recruiting organizations to help test and co-develop tools to become OF/BY/FOR ALL. We're building a Change Network: an online program to help you articulate a vision for future community involvement, set organizational change targets, and move towards them alongside like-minded colleagues from around the world.  

The OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network is a long-term program to help your organization: 

  • set goals for community engagement
  • collect participant data to establish a baseline
  • adopt new behaviors to strengthen your work
  • track progress towards your goals

You'll make change alongside a supportive online community of fellow travelers from forward-looking civic and cultural organizations like yours around the world. We will coach and support you along the way, but ultimately, you decide how fast and far to go.

We are building the Change Network with your input

2018-19 is our research period for the Change Network. Currently, we are assembling a "First Wave" of 20 organizations that will help us test out the tools over an intensive 6-month research period. 

Our intention is to build the Change Network to scale. After the research phase, we plan to open up a full-scale version to a much wider group of organizations in 2020. 

The First Wave includes organizations from diverse sizes, sectors, and geographies. To learn more about First Wave, click below.

Other opportunities to get involved this year

  • Help test new tools. While we are involving a small number of organizations in the first wave research program, we are also testing some new tools as part of it with a larger group. Our first tool, the organizational self-assessment, is available for you to try now. In 2018-19 we expect to keep improving the assessment, as well as testing out another tool to help organizations do accurate demographic surveying of audiences. 
  • Come to a Bootcamp. We're offering an intensive two-day OF/BY/FOR ALL bootcamp for teams that want a crash course in involving new communities. Currently, Bootcamp is held in Santa Cruz, CA at the MAH, but we may offer offsite bootcamps in the future.
  • Connect with us at a conference. In 2018, we are offering workshops and presentations about OF/BY/FOR ALL at NextLibrary (September, Berlin), Philadelphia Arts & Culture Summit (September), Internet Librarian (October, Monterey).