Now Recruiting for the OF/BY/FOR ALL First Wave Research Program

Now Recruiting for the OF/BY/FOR ALL First Wave Research Program

Just eight weeks after launching OFBYFOR ALL global initiative, hundreds of organizations around the world have expressed interest in OFBYFOR ALL. You've tried the organizational self-assessment, come to bootcamp, joined the email list, and shared your enthusiasm. Thank you for bringing energy to this work from day one. Today, we offer you a deeper opportunity to strengthen your organization and help shape this movement as a founding research partner in our First Wave research program. 

Video Introduction to the OF/BY/FOR ALL Framework

At the MuseumNext conference in London, Nina Simon and Lauren Benetua shared the OFBYFOR ALL framework with 550 colleagues from 40 countries around the world. Here is the video from Nina's opening keynote at the conference (thank you MuseumNext!).

This video features:

  • early insights we're learning from the 450+ people who have tried the OF/BY/FOR ALL self-assessment

  • in-depth stories about how the MAH puts the OF/BY/FOR ALL framework into action in Santa Cruz, California

  • a simple formula you can use to launch OF/BY/FOR ALL work at your organization


We're Hiring! Join the OF/BY/FOR ALL team

In just the first couple of weeks, you've made it clear: OF/BY/FOR ALL has the potential to be big. Our inboxes are stuffed, and we can't keep up with your energy. We want to offer you more support. We want to say yes to your great ideas. We want to help you get involved as champions and partners in this project. And so - we're hiring.