We envision a world in which cultural and civic resources are shared generously.


We envision a world in which all people are empowered to share their talents to strengthen their communities. Communities in which people feel safe, welcome, and connected to the strangers who cross their paths every day.

We plan to build this future by helping civic and cultural organizations grow of, by, and for their communities. Our intent is transformation: to change the way people design, manage, fund, and engage with community organizations. 

We intend to spark change by encouraging organizations to adopt new practices to become OF, BY, and FOR their communities.

OF, BY, and FOR practices complement each other.

  • The more an organization is reflective OF its community, the more people feel represented.

  • The more programming is created BY the community, the more people feel ownership.

  • The more programming is FOR the community, the more everyone will want to participate.

While these practices work together, a given organization may be particularly strong in one or more area. What's your OF/BY/FOR ALL superpower? Where do you most want to grow?

In 2018, we're building tools to help you analyze your current community engagement work and develop a strong path forward. We're prototyping the Change Network program with 20 diverse organizations that seek to be more OF, BY, & FOR their communities.

By 2020, we hope to build partnerships with 200 civic and cultural organizations, serving 10 million community members. Collectively, we hope to make these institutions OF, BY, & FOR ALL people. Join us.